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These Fortbytes locations will show a secret image that'll become more apparent Season 10 draws near. Note this particular challenge is no longer able to be completed. Interested in other aspects of Fortnite's new season? Our Season 9 Battle Pass skins and map changes and our Fortnite patch notes pages can help.

Fortbytes are computer chips, many of which will appear across the map for those that own the Battle Pass. Some require you earn a certain about of XP, others for finishing a certain position within a match a set amount of times, while others require you visit areas of the map with specific skins - such as the Sentinel frozen island location. As you find Fortbytes, a mysterious image will begin to be uncovered. As you collect more, you'll earn rewards and the tease of new secrets surrounding Season 9's story.

Additionally, finding a total of 90 Fortbytes will unlock this season's Utopia Battle Star skin, named Singularity. Many will take a while, so don't worry if you don't unlock them right away. That said, as with the loading screens and other objects in Fortnite, once Season 9 is over, the Fortbytes are gone for good, so the sooner you can work to unlock them, the better! With Fortnite Season 10 just round the corner, all Fortbytes are now available. As well as the above Fortnite Fortbytes locations list, here is a Fortbytes map so you can see each individual location at a glance.

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As well as these, for a limited time, are tasks to touch a giant glowing cube, enter the Rift above Loot Lake, and search a landing pod within a meteor locations , visiting Rift Zone locations , and finding Bat Signal locations and Joker Gas Canister locations. Despite this being a Utopia Loading Screen location, you can head here without having to unlock it first. This Fortbyte location is found on top of Neo Tilted's clock tower, to the south-west. It's the same location as the one in Tilted Towers, except it's got a holographic ticker on top instead of a clock face.

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Jump back to Fortbytes list. First, make sure you have unlocked and equipped the Skull Trooper Emote - it unlocks in Tier 58 as part of this season's Battle Pass. This Fortbyte location is right next to Snobby Shores - specifically west of the second lot from the bottom. On the very edge of the map is a sign post, with the Fortbyte location next to it. Remember you need the Skull Trooper emote to pick it up.

First, make sure you have unlocked and equipped the Plasma Trail contrail - it unlocks in Tier 89 as part of this season's Battle Pass. If they don't appear, bare in mind all skydiving ring Fortbytes are a little buggy, so try again in a different match to see if it appears there. Fly through each one - remember you can pull your parachute to slow your descent, especially as the ring placement shifts from the side to side - and you'll get the Fortbyte in the process. First, make sure you have unlocked and equipped the Laid Back Shuffle Emote - it unlocks in Tier 95 as part of this season's Battle Pass.

This Fortbyte location is within the dance club - this is the giant warehouse west of the river between the two southern bridges. Once inside, the Fortbyte will be in the middle of the large dance floor on the ground floor.

Use the emote here, and it's yours. First, make sure you have unlocked and equipped the Yay! Emote - it unlocks in Tier 14 as part of this season's Battle Pass. The Fortbyte 6 Ice Cream Shop in the Desert location is located opposite the race track in the northern half of the desert.

Specifically, the Ice Cream Shop is the other side of the mountains and road next to the track. Go inside, and you'll find Fortbyte 6 behind the counter in the middle of the building. First, make sure you have unlocked and equipped the Cuddle Up Emoticon - it unlocks at Tier 8 as part of this season's Battle Pass. The Fortbyte 8 rocky umbrella location is found outside of a named location, but visible from the map as it's a formation in the ground.

You'll want to drop in on the southern-most part from above, as it's above the door and the ground. The Fortbyte 8 location is found in Junk Junction the named location in the far north-west , specifically the main building in the centre. Turn left as soon as you enter - don't go as far as leaving this room - and you'll find the Fortbyte 8 location above the mattress in the corner. This Fortbyte location is found in the jungle area of the map in the north-east.

Specifically, head east of the volcano, and in line with the 'Pressure Plant' text, you'll see the parrot above the tree line. First, make sure you have unlocked and equipped the Nana Nana spray - it unlocks at Tier 57 as part of this season's Battle Pass. This Fortbyte location is within the tunnel where the lava leads out from the volcano, just west of Pressure Plant. It's the tunnel that used to lead to Tomato Town and Tomato Temple from previous seasons, if that rings a bell! You have to approach from the south, and once inside, you'll see the Fortbyte location on the eastern side.

The lava won't kill you immediately, so feel free to bounce across it to reach the Forbyte. You can head to this Fortbyte location without having unlocked the Utopia Loading Screen for Week 2 first. To find Fortbyte 12, head to the desert area, specifically where the dinosaurs are surrounding the road running through it, just as the road bends. Once here, just to the south, is a wooden building.

Look behind the wooden building, and you'll find a portable toilet.

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In the north of this location, you'll find some trees. Underneath that - and between two parked RV vans - is the Fortbyte location. You'll find Fortbyte 16 and the desert house with too many chairs in the settlement on the southern edge in the south-east area of the map. Find the southern and central-most building, which you'll notice is overflowing with chairs, to narrow down the location easier.

The Wooden Fish Building location is in the north-east of the map, specifically in one of the four hot springs north-east of Lazy Lagoon. This Fortbyte location is much closer to Mega Mall out of the two locations. Just west of Mega Mall is the outside of the Slipstream, with a station and right next to it, a wooden hut. First, make sure you have unlocked and equipped the Vega outfit - it unlocks at Tier 49 as part of this season's Battle Pass.

Next, you'll want to head east of Polar Peak, where you'll find the spaceship building, made out of metal building materials. Get inside - there's a door on the east side to make things easier - and head to the south of the spaceship building to find Fortbyte location. This Fortbyte location is within the one of the regular fixtures of the Fortnite map for many seasons now - the metal llama, situated in the very north-west corner above Junk Junction.

You'll find it at the base of the 'neck' of the creature.

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Easiest way to get in is a door on the back, facing west. First, make sure you have unlocked and equipped the Rox Spray - it unlocks at Tier 6 as part of this season's Battle Pass. Now it's time to find the Fortbyte 22 underpass location. You'll find this at Neo Tilted, the named location in the middle of the map.

Specifically, you'll have to go to the underpass in the south-west - where a road goes underneath another one - and to the west of the lorry against the wall is the Fortbyte 22 location. Specifically, it's the house in the middle of the named location, just south of where the Slipstream runs through. You'll find Fortbyte 23 on top of the hill directly east of Loot Lake, which is south-east of Pleasant Park. The best way to reach this Fortbyte is to skydrive down onto the hill, after jumping from the bus. Once you're safely on the hill, you'll find Fortbyte 23 by the lone tree at the hill's edge.

First, make sure you have unlocked and equipped the Bunker Jonesy skin - it unlocks at Tier 23 as part of this season's Battle Pass. This Fortbyte location is found on the east-most island off the frozen part of the map to the south. It's here you'll find a bunker in the middle, but that's not what you're aiming for - instead, you want to head to the hut to the west. Once inside, you'll find the Fortbyte location. Heads up there's a chance the floor will be missing. There is a rift underneath this hut which allows you to return to the mainland, and if someone beats you to this location, they might have used it.

The best way around this is to chop down a tree to get enough materials to build a floor back in the hut to reach the Fortbyte! Fortbyte 27 is an interesting one - while it will always appear within A4, its specific location will change at the beginning of every match. This means you will have to search A4 pretty thoroughly to find Fortbyte Specifically, you'll want to go to the outside of the north-east of this location, where you'll find a lever and a series of panels. Pull the lever, and the panels will flash in sequence.

Memorise this, and swing at them with your axe when they have stopped flashing. Do this several times and the Fortbyte will unlock. Note it appears only one person at a time can do this - it's whoever pulls the lever - so you might have to wait in a queue. As with other puzzle-based Fortbytes, playing this in a mode like Team Rumble, where there are less adversaries, is best.

Once you've reached the cabin, all you have to do is go inside and find Fortbyte 29 beneath the tree. This Fortbyte location is exactly where it says it is - halfway between Haunted Hills and Pleasant Park, two named locations in the north-west of the map. Specifically, it's beneath two trees in-between the two mountains to the north and south.

It should be easily visible and ready for the taking! The Fortbyte 31 location refers to a meteor creator - this is Dusty Divot, which a meteor created in an earlier season. You need to head to the buildings to the north, specifically to the building closest to the edge of the crater. The Fortbyte 32 location is at the northern-most point. This is found just north-east of Junk Junction, in the north-west corner of the map. Fortbyte 33 is a Loading Screen location secret, but with a twist. Instead of being hidden in the Loading Screen itself, the clue can be found in its description - 'You're a long way from Lonely Lodge To find Fortbyte 33 you need to head to Lonely Lodge.

You need to head for the small shed just west of the main lodge, near the road.


This Fortbyte location is found just north-west of Fatal Fields - where you can see a Fork and a Knife dug into the map. The frozen island location referred to in Fortbyte 36 is to the south of the frozen area of the map in the south-west, specifically the west-most island. Playing as Sentinel, visit the south edge of this island, where you'll see the Fortbyte location.