Complicit Simplicity: A hacktivism team fights for human rights. ( Book 2)

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Allan R. Wallace

Believing in himself and persevering against all odds, he dedicated hislife to becoming a caretaker of others and defending their rights to be treated with dignity and respect. He battled many demons along the journey and came far from that long gravel road. His struggles will inspire others to never give up hope.

One page a day will get you through each book in a month, all three books in a quarter of a year -- quotes, thoughts, poetry and all. LTTN is designed to help open your mind to wondrous yet often unnoticed alternatives. Consider your copy of LTTN a challenge. You certainly won't agree with every quote, poem, or thought - but by maintaining an open mind each daily read will prove, again and again, your existing aptitude for harvesting wisdom from any source. Discover and live your personal calling. You can do this.

May each short entry guide you to long and rewarding paths. No poets were killed suring the making of this book, but that's not for lack of trying. Do not operate heavy machinery while reading this book. Do not combine with other medications. Rib tickling insanity that makes way too much sense. When men reach a certain age they are supposed to drink too much, cheat on their wives and view celebrity porn.

Unfortunately, that got old quick and I found myself writing random sarcasm and irreverence. I figured I'd make it into a book and piss off my ex, who wanted me to write stories back when all I wanted to do were violent stories where some poor man's wife gets killed in creative ways. Drive North - U. Marine Corps history provides unique information about important aspects of the Korean War. It's a coincidence these adventures seem familiar and you want to act now while you still have time. Our hero is a successful small businessman in a vulnerable position in a dangerous world.

He must escape his betrayers, avoid pursuers, and find a way to build a new life offshore. He becomes Sparrow Swift, a pulp hero setting out to right the wrongs in a twisted society. These stories are short and sweet, just what you need when trouble is approaching your door with a battering ram.

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Take that second exit all pack rats have from their nest. You have prepared an emergency exit haven't you? When escape is the only answer, ask for Sparrow Swift at any airport bar. I'll find you. When human rights are abused, there is our work. Boldness is required for first limiting and then overcoming evil. Of course surviving is nice too The Trilogy cyberhug. Your lives will immediately be at risk. Some of you will die, all of us may die, for supposed crimes against despotism. Of course surviving is nice too. Solve for peace and human rights. Garrido, Allan R.

Keith, Janis I. Each species is represented by a full description that includes identification field marks, status and range, habitat, and voice. A map showing the bird's distribution accompanies many species accounts, and plumages of all species are depicted in ninety-three beautifully rendered color plates. Bird lovers, vacationing tourists, local residents, and "armchair travelers" will all want to own this definitive field guide to the birds of the West Indies.

Includes all species recorded in the regionFeatures ninety-three color plates with concise text on facing pages for quick reference and easy identificationSpecies accounts cover identification, voice, status and habitat, and rangeColor distribution maps.

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Marian Anderson was a woman with two disparate voices. The first - a powerful, majestic contralto spanning four octaves - catapulted her from Philadelphia poverty to international fame. A second, softer voice emanated from her mere presence: an unwavering refrain of opportunity and accomplishment in the face of racial prejudice. Anderson was born in to parents who made the long journey north from Virginia to escape the clutches of Jim Crow. Her musical genius was apparent from an early age, but even tremendous community and familial support could not shield her from the blows of economic hardship and bigotry she encountered in her early performing days.

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  8. Anderson first garnered major acclaim while studying in London and Berlin. Her breakthrough in America commenced when impresario Sol Hurok took her under his wing, and her broad repertoire included Bach and Handel, spirituals, German lieder, French melodies, and the art songs of Scandinavian, Russian, and Spanish composers. The first is easy. I want to grow in my personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

    God is smarter than me, wiser than me, and he loves me more than I love myself. I'd be a fool to ignore his direction. Humans can study and research to understand the complicated; only God can understand and solve for complexity. I cherish my multifaceted interactions with the living God. God gave us humans free choice, make your choices, change them as you learn.

    That is freedom, but with such freedom comes the responsibility to accept the consequences of your choices. We were raised as part of a hive: a center instructed and led group think. Due to technology and personal choice you can now function as an individual. You can by your choice join with others while disowning those who use force and fraud to claim your life for themselves.


    Join your individual power with other powers wisely! I seek to help people find those amazing metamorphoses born of personal freedoms. What Is this NNP thing you've talked about? It was a fair measure, and therefore discarded in favor of the easier to manipulate GDP that declared government was part of production; this change allowed cheats like hiring more government agency employees, thus causing both officially stated employment and productivity to magically increase. A lie, but useful for politicians and their captive economists looking toward elections.

    This metric a cool way to say 'measurement' used by modern, assumption based, paid or sponsored by government satraps, pseudo economist erudites -- see Nassim N. Taleb's excellent "Intellectual Yet Idiot". NNP would give a truer picture of national and hence world productivity, after the competing and draining government costs are removed. This initiative reflects what actually creates productivity and so enhances all our lives. You will know this idea has merit by the volume of screams generated from those who have an interest in maintaining a corruptible system of false valuations.

    They will laugh, shout, and pout against this or your better ideas for sane, non-heuristic tools for economic measurements -- they prefer the malleable lies concocted and supported by manipulators of the citizenry. Worth noting: Most countries treat tourists or foreign investors better than their captive citizens. Don't just listen and read, use your mind. What else are you working on? We believe in building and lighting bonfires.

    We will let others add fuel and be silhouetted by the flames., no. 3 · Hacktivism, Speculative Fiction Stories, no. 4

    They are welcome to the credit or blame for the illumination and creative destruction. That leaves us free to build the next important bonfire. Any last thoughts? Just two of the ways I may say goodbye in my letters, the first I got from my eldest son Phillip. Love, blessings, and peace. The second is my honest request. Find your best in life -- then live it and expand it, pops Allan.

    Smashwords Interviews are created by the profiled author, publisher or reader. Wallace Series: Fantasy Tales. Words: 28, Language: English. Published: August 2, Syd's Story from the start of magics, battles, and wars. Encounter new civilizations and old evils In this first book of a new fantasy series by writer Allan R.

    Join Syd, a strong willed lad, as he crosses a deadly sharp edge toward manhood with his best friend Amos and his new teenage sister Beth.

    Think Hardy Boys meet a young Lara Croft -- or feel deeper to sense as sword meets poison. Words: 14, Language: French. Published: December 16, Pirate moderne, les plus grands hackers resteront inconnus. Son pseudo le plus connu est l'Ombre D'Uruguay mais ici nous l'appellerons Bob. Wallace Series: Daily Thought Provokers.

    Words: 11, Published: January 31, After four prior months of opening the mind It is time to switch from milk to meat Some of this will require extended chewing And some may be too tough to eat. Words: 13, Published: October 31, Furthering your growth. No one will give you a free education without hidden agendas.