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That conversation changes everything for their family for the better…. Nova is both autistic and nonverbal. We learn that Bridget always knew how to calm Nova down with storytelling and talking about anything space-related. Flashbacks show their history in the closet hiding from an abusive mother as well as time together with previous foster families. But the launch happens and Bridget never arrives. This prompts Nova to face the truth about her sister.

And that truth will make you cry like a baby. At least it did for me!! I love this book SO much. Added to: Books with Characters on the Autism Spectrum. Set in India, Viji writes this story as letters to you, her little sister Rukku who has intellectual disabilities. Viji tells how the two of them ran away from an abusive father to the big city where they met two friendly brothers and lived with them under a bridge, scrabbling to survive by collecting trash.

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And what happens next almost destroys Viji. She wonders how prayers and faith can coexist with misery and pain. The only thing that feels right is soccer.

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Written in free verse, this is a lyrical, fast-paced story that feels honest and relatable. Gerta is stuck on the east side with her brother and mother while their father and another brother already escaped to the west. The black and white illustrations set the tone for this dark story with a happy ending. Her ultimate plan is to win the contest then use the prize money to whisk her mother away on a special trip. Very entertaining. The main character, Aluna, a Kampii mer , has left her clan in order to discover why the clan is dying.

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In Mirage, she and her unique group of friends must try to convince the Equian colonies that the evil Karl Strand is trying to take over Above World. These books pack in the action and adventure with such creative storytelling, I highly recommend them! Genesis Begins Again by Alicia D. Genesis hates that her skin is so dark; she knows her grandma and father hate that about her, too.

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Plus, at her new school, an insightful music teacher introduces Genesis to jazz legends like Billie Holliday. Because of this, Genesis finds her voice both literally and metaphorically. It will start the conversation about who defines beauty and how we can do better individually and as a society. With a missive to the Lightbender, Micah soon discovers the magical circus his grandfather once loved so much. The stakes are high and Hal must win even with his group of misfits. Now Sky and her fellow humans live below ground in safety with Noah as their supreme ruler. Sky discovers that her missing maybe traitor?

She decides to leave the underground city in order to find her dad. LOVED it! Doug is a boy who is struggling to read with no support from his home life. Not only are his dad and older brother abusive but they live in abject poverty. This eventually leads to reading and hope. This series will make you think deeply about what makes someone good, friendship, and love.

Enslaved, escaped, or enlisted, these two are determined survivors. I love and highly recommend these books! Boxed Set Here.

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This is a well-written story about a real-life historical event when Philadelphia was the U. But after Cole almost dies, he decides to give the year-long process a chance. Sensitive reader warning: There are two scenes with a lot of blood and a few bad words. Excellent storytelling and illustrations kept me totally enthralled in this not-your-average-fairy tale story. Gaiman shares stories of the beginning of the Gods, how the Nine Worlds were formed, how Odin lost one eye, the children of Loki, and so much more, all the way to Ragnarok.

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These stories are more bloody than the Greek pantheon but they are quite entertaining none the less and hard to put down once you get reading. Rat is a street girl who teaches Kaidu how to survive in the city. The action and characters are compelling. In a word: powerful. Only Mike hates math and when he gets sent to a small town for the summer with distant relatives, Mike learns his true value.

Ty lives in the ocean but his way of life is threatened by murderous outlaws who steal and kill.

He befriends a Topside girl named Gemma who is looking for her brother undersea. They learn that her brother is the leader of the outlaws, was a former medical experiment, and has Dark gifts just like Ty. Next in the series is Rip Tide. I love this book! They mostly fail.

But fortunately for the reader, the young strangers get a second chance to help Laylee not just escape an unjust prison sentence but find happiness as well. This requires help from their buggy friend and thousands of reanimated corpses. So when Caitlin reads about grief and closure, she decides to go after closure in a literal, hands-on way. And it will help both she and her father build their relationship and let go of Devon.

Well-crafted story and characters. She cares for her siblings while her mom works, trying not to make a mess or too much noise. A kind teacher at school encourages Zoey to join the debate club. Yet other ghosts are rogues. In this story, the Black Rot is killing haunted house ghosts. Lapsewood to find out how to stop it.

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Totally entertaining and very well-written. The words stay about two weeks and the negative words itch badly. Anonymous notes encourage Elyse to try new things and grow out of her comfort zone. She does and is surprised with the positive results including self-acceptance. This would be an interesting book to discuss with a book group! Thrones of Bones Frostborn by Lou Andres FANTASY Two misfits — a boy named Karn who is only good at playing a board game, and a girl named Thianna who is a half-human, half-giantess — unexpectedly partner to survive deadly soldiers, undead warriors, trolls, and a dragon.

This is a dystopian novel about a group of people with the power to do things with their mind. I really enjoyed it. To find out, the sisters take a boat to a secret island where they are helped by a mysterious seal. Is it their mother? And see the magic in family, forgiveness, and love. When his mistress gives birth to triplets of a prophecy, the three children are spirited away and hidden separately. Now that the children are older, each of them faces challenges and adventures that lead them to the truth of who they really are — the foretold saviors of the empire. Kit is determined to bring Mr.

Granger, the mine boss, to justice. Her grit lands her a job at a newspaper where she can investigate more about the mine and Mr. So well-written, this is a thoughtful treatment of emotions and grief — I highly recommend it, especially for book club discussions. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Reverend Curtis Black Other Editions 9. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Ultimate Betrayal , please sign up. I really do want this book.

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  • I'm reading the excerpt right now and it is excellent. I hope and pray to win this book cause I have all of your books autographed by you except three. But u know I am a big fan of yours and hope to win this book.