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This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Translation of laugh — English—Mandarin Chinese dictionary. A2 to smile while making sounds with your voice that show you think something is funny or you are happy. I couldn't stop laughing. I said he'd have to give a talk and he laughed nervously. She's so funny - she really makes me laugh. It's very rare that a book is so good you actually laugh out loud. I laughed till I cried. Please don't laugh - I'm being serious.

I could see Emma trying not to laugh and of course that started me off. They joked and laughed as they looked at the photos.

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The audience was still laughing as the curtain fell. When he laughs he sounds like a horse neighing. Idioms be laughed out of court. B1 the act or sound of laughing. I was embarrassed at the time , but I had a good laugh about it later. She reacted to his compliments with a deprecating laugh. He's got a really annoying laugh. The announcement raised a laugh. He turned away with a rueful laugh. She gave a loud uninhibited laugh.

Idioms for a laugh. Translations of laugh in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? A: They vote. What do you call a Chinese man with a microwave on his head? Q: Why wasn't Jesus born in China?

English Mandarin Joke Book

A: He couldn't find 3 wise men or a virgin. A: Your homework is done, your computer is upgraded, but two hours later the fucker is still trying to back out of your driveway. If it comes out solved, she is pregnant. If you spin a Chinese man around would he become disoriented?

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Do the Chinese realize that when they're visiting America, they buy souvenirs made in their own country? Everything is made in China Except for baby girls My Chinese crackers prefer to be called Cracasians. My parents are so Chinese they Honor-killed my sister for getting an A- on a math test!

Every thing is made in china expect kids their made in vuchina vagina If Japanese Pop is Jpop then what is Chinese rap? There was this couple who moved into a house and then said it was haunted, when scientist checked it out they proved they wee leing Apparently animals make different sounds according to different Languages. For example, in China a Dog makes a Sizzling noise. Scientist say the average size of the male penis has gone down to 5 inches. This just shows how big the Chinese population is getting.

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Me better. You got nice house! I'm China to get into Japanties.

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American girl: Pull down your pants. Captain An airplane takes off from the airport. The captain is Jewish and the first officer is Chinese. It's the first time they've flown together and it's obvious by the silence that they don't get along. After thirty minutes, the Jewish Captain speaks, "I don't like Chinese.

Why ees that? That's why I don't like Chinese. Chinese not bomb Pearl Harbah. That Japanese, not Chinese. Finally the F. Why don't you like Jews? The Jews didn't sink the Titanic. It was an iceberg.

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All same. While walking, he would forget to stop; while sleeping, he would forget to rise. His wife was very much worried about this and said to him one day: "I've heard that Master Ai is a very learned man with a glib tongue. He can even bring the dying back to life.

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  8. Why don't you go and consult him? So he set out on horseback, bow and arrow in hand. Before he had covered a distance of 30 li he felt a call of nature. He dismounted and, after sticking the arrow into the ground and tying the horse to a tree, crouched down to relieve himself. This done, he stood up and looking to the left caught sight of the arrow. I wonder where that stray arrow came from. It nearly hit me. Stamping his foot, he cried: " Damn! This pile of dog's dung has soiled my shoe.

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    What a pity! Not long afterwards, he arrived home. Pacing up and down in front of his own house, he muttered to himself: "Whose house is this? Can this be the residence of Master Ai? Guessing that his memory must have taken leave of him again, she let loose a torrent of abuse.