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Excited, we went downstairs to the bank and wired the money. A few minutes later, it was all there. Not good. We hit, got a 2, and the dealer busted. We won!

It felt great -we knew the strategy was good and that we had made the right decision. The big bet scared us, though. I don't remember exactly how we modified our strategy, but we somehow changed it so that after some point we would cut our losses and start the progression over.

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But then something happened I was exhausted from staying up so late so I went to sleep while Adam continued to play. When I woke up, it was like a kid on Christmas. I logged in and checked the balance :. Equally foolishly, he agreed. Our hopes had been dashed. We failed, and all of my money was gone. But then something strange happened. It was as if fate didn't wanted to avoid the imminent promises to never gamble again, and we started winning. And winning. Soon we had recovered all of our money and then some!

Every time we'd lose money we'd reevaluate the bizarre flowchart that described our strategy and add another branch to it. Soon our friends were recruited, and a 24 hour playing schedule was implemented. We had a high score sheet where we'd write down our hourly profit and try to outdo each other. We kept our lips shut about our winnings, but everyone in our dorm knew that we were gambling. More importantly, they knew that we had serious gambling problems.

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Random aquaintances would come up and try to explain the dangers of gambling. I'd keep a straight face, but inside I was dancing. I was going to be rich, and I wasn't going to work for it. But the rumors around the dorm were increasing - everyone thought we were pouring all of our money down the drain like idiots.

We had to change their minds. We declared that we were big winners and offered a chance to invest with us. Give us your money on friday and on monday we would return it, reflecting our win. So cocky we were, that we guaranteed against losses. No one wanted to take it. The money went to our heads and we started spending it.

We spent some in real life and even more future profits in our heads. We'd buy boats, an island, planes, or whatever else we wanted. I never had a cell phone before, but I went and bought the most expensive one available at the time that only high powered executives could afford. Soon we split into two teams and kept playing. We'd go to the business building at UT and play side by side, smirking at the business students who were cranking out their term papers.

I thought we were unstoppable. But Hayden, eternally more cautious than I, managed to unravel our strategy and do the math. We were getting lucky My whole world was crashing around me. The past couple weeks had me completely convinced I was on the fast track to wealth, and I didn't want to let go of that dream. Reluctantly we cashed out and split the profits. More thorough this time I worked and worked to try to come up with a winning strategy. By some fate, one hit me.

It couldn't be that easy, could it? Sure enough, the next few months proved that it could be that easy. Some of the casinos would pay me like that first one did, others would stiff me.

High street betting must clean up its act | Victoria Coren Mitchell

Some seemed to have the games rigged and I couldn't win no matter what. As time passed I figured out which to trust and which to avoid.

I took my first job the next year. I wanted a car, but didn't want to spend all my money on one, so I decided to get a job and pay myself back before quitting. It was my first Mercedes, and I was loved it. My job was delivering pizzas, and I only needed to work for two months to recover the money spent on the car.

As pizza delivering became more boring, the gambling thing looked more attractive. In a fit of irony my car actually broke on the way home when I was one day away from earning enough to pay myself back for it. The timing chain was broken and the car was totalled.

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Shortly after, I decided to drop out of school. Class was getting in the way of gambling and thanks to Papa Johns Pizza, I knew I would never get a real job again - the money isn't good enough to justify giving up my precious time. With gambling I could play whenever I wanted, take time off when I wanted, and play from anywhere in the world. I'm done. Calling my mother didn't feel quite as good.

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In her life priority list, school is a clear number one. And possibly numbers two and three too. The conversation ended when she hung up on me :. It seemed like a good enough idea to me. She was convinced for a long time that I wasn't making any money. I'll never forget the quote : "Tynan, if you took a second and actually added up how much you won and lost, you'd find out that you were actually losing. She was wrong, though. My monthly income doubled within a few months of dropping out. After a few months she began speaking with me again, and eventually gave me some of the money they had saved up for college to use in my gambling business.

After that my income hit six figures and stayed there. The next six years, peppered with a few stressful disasters, was pretty smooth sailing. I never worked more than 20 hours a week, and often less than I hired employees, got an office, and had custom accounting software written. I even paid my taxes.

Finally I burnt out, though. It occured to me that although it was easy enough to make a huge salary every year, I was never going to become a multi millionaire from gambling. It has a limit.

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Also, after playing millions of dollars of hands every year, I just got sick of seeing casinos. Yesterday after a business partner reneged on a deal that we made, I decided it's finally time to quit and move on to bigger and better things. I'll still deal with my existing cashouts, but within a month or two I'll probably be done with gambling for life. It's a bittersweet goodbye, since gambling was so incredibly profitable and fun for me. It seems like a dumb idea to forfeit so much easy money, but the fact is that I don't enjoy it anymore. I really believe that it's important to enjoy what one does, so I'm going to work on becoming a rapper.

The incident he mentioned had to do with marketing and not player relations, but it's now been more than two years since posting this and I no longer know which casino is the best. Let me clear a few things up:. Yes, I was really a professional gambler for seven years. The idea that I would lie about this to make up a blog post which all of my real life friends and family have read is insane.