It Came From Outer Space Wearing an RAF Blazer!: A Fans Biography of Sir Patrick Moore

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Julie Monroe. Coral was a fine dressmaker. She used to make Chinese dresses, Chong Sans, and girls would come to the house and Coral would fit them.

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Later she worked exclusively for Sabrina. She was blonde and her large, shapely breasts were the feature of her act. From "Family Britain " by David Kynaston page Incessant Sabrina propaganda had turned Norma Sykes into a national tonic, a seaside postcard brought to life, sex for the unimaginative, inflated into absurdity.

From "Starstruck" by Cosmo Landesman. Any thinking person over the age of forty is bound to look at contemporary Britain, with its expanding collection of celebrities, famous nobodies, exhibitionists, attention-seekers and celebrity- drenched media magazines, and wonder: when did this whole crazy thing begin?

It came from outer space wearing an raf blazer!: a fans biography of sir patrick moore

She was a young, busty, peroxide blonde in a tight black dress making her television debut. Viewers watched in amazement as she slid off a sofa, walked towards the camera, and then slowly turned sideways to reveal the mountain range of her magnificent cleavage.

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One can only imagine the effect on the families watching: a collective gasp of wonder. Men would fidget on the settee; teenage boys would blush and women would go and put the kettle on. This mysterious creature remained silent for the entire show. But no one was complaining. A star was born. Her name was Sabrina. And yet Sabrina had a huge following of fans. Even after she had left the BBC her popularity showed no signs of declining. Hers was a very British kind of Fifties fame: cheesy, cheap and cheerful.

It was imitation Hollywood with a touch of saucy British seaside-postcard vulgarity: starlet meets harlot. Sabrina was paraded at glamorous film premieres and showbiz events, but her bread and butter came from doing the rounds of local openings and special events. She was hired glamour. Those were the days when you could see a young movie star like Dirk Bogarde judging a beauty contest to find Miss Hull. Sabrina could certainly pull them in.

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She once went to Sheffield to open a new hardware store and a crowd of four thousand turned up to take a peek at her. Sabrina is an important figure in the history of British celebrity because her fame so resembles the fame of our own time. Hers was an instant celebrity, one built on nothing but the thin air of glamour shots, gossip, newspaper headlines, magazine features and public appearances.

She knew it and so did everyone else. But none of these no-talents were so ridiculed and savaged as Sabrina. Commentators were baffled. Sabrina seemed to defy the laws of show business, the first one being that you had to have some sort of talent - however modest - to be in the limelight. How long can it go on? How far can she go on her dumb blonde gimmick? A year later in journalists were still asking how long could she go on.

But has she faded? She has not.