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Erez Ben-Yosef of Tel Aviv University announced last week that radio carbon dating of new artifacts suggest the mines were operational in the 10th century B. The 10th-century king is often regarded as one of the greatest Israeli kings in the Bible , according to Britannica.

A strong leader possessing great wisdom, Solomon presided over an expansion of Israel and the building of the Temple of Jerusalem. Ben-Yosef and the rest of his Tel Aviv University team used 10 date pits and one olive pit to date the site , an ancient smelting camp known as Slaves' Hill, according to Haaretz. The samples were then sent off to Oxford for a detailed analysis and carbon dating.

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The controversy over who operated the Timna Valley mines began in the s, LiveScience notes. It was then that American archaeologist Nelson Glueck told the world he had finally found the source of the fabulous treasure that the Bible claims belonged to King Solomon. In , however, an Egyptian temple was found in the valley, seemingly disproving Glueck's fanciful claims and leading some researchers to claim the mines were in fact built by Egyptians.

BGM-097-1950-King Solomon's Mines

Over the course of the recent dig, the team uncovered a trove of artifacts , including clothing, sophisticated woven ropes and ceramics. Haaretz notes that no evidence so far directly links King Solomon himself to the mines.

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In fact, it's more likely they were operated by an Israelite rival, the Edomites. However, Ben-Yosef told the outlet he hadn't ruled out the possibility that the Edomites had been subjugated by King Solomon and were working the mines under Israel's supervision.

Zedekiah's Cave (or King Solomon's Quarries) Under the Old City of Jerusalem

US Edition U. News U. Burial mound where archeologists discovered the remains of a pregnant woman in Israel's Southern Timna valley.

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Situated in an arid climate with scarce natural resources to sustain life, few human corpses — and no previous female remains — have been unearthed near the copper mines, which were believed to have been exploited for years between the 9th and 14th centuries BCE. Noting that the last time human remains were uncovered in the Timna Valley was in , archeologist Erez Ben Yosef, who has led the Tel Aviv University team excavating the site since , told Haaretz the finding is extremely unusual.

The dig resumed last summer, when it was determined that the upper half of the corpse was missing, while the lower part — including the remains of the fetus, believed to be in its first trimester — was intact. May estimated in an interview with Haaretz that the woman was likely in her 20s when she died, although due to a lack of collagen in the bones necessary for radiocarbon dating, an accurate determination remains difficult.

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Additionally, remains of musical instruments and a carving of a woman playing a sistrum — an ancient percussion instrument — were found. That led Sweeney to theorize the pregnant woman likely traveled to the copper mines to serve as a singer or musician for Hathor — also known as the goddess of music, love, fertility and natural resources. But she never came back. Jerusalem Post Israel News. By Daniel K.

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