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They are listed by title, then name of author, then by dates of publication and publisher when known, and, when merited, a short description. They are works of fact or fiction and have a general appeal about Bermuda from a tourism or economic or socio-economic or historic point of view and for all who use the World Wide Web.

Those without 'Bermuda' in their title have some unique articles on Bermuda. Some are rare in Bermuda, much sought by local collectors and expensive. But be aware that Bermuda has changed so much in so many ways that most travel books before may be significantly out of date. Books specifically and solely about any one aspect of Bermuda, that logically have local-only, not world-wide value, may not be included, at this author's discretion. Books relating solely to Bermuda Government legislation or policies or regulations or reviews or statistics are generally beyond our remit but will be included when mentions of relevant books or websites are reciprocated.

This website and webpage are not a free advertising medium for Bermuda books. Most, of not all, books these days will have a website. Books without one by title or author or publisher and with no offer of relevant website reciprocation may not be included.

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Authors: If you wish to write a review on any upcoming or past Bermuda book, and either have your own website or an assigned sub website space on your publisher's website, you can do so this way when you agree to create a link to us. We will reciprocate the link. From your website write your review and create a link to it. Then send this link to us.

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We will show it next to the title of the book you review. In the past, authors have written comprehensive and excellent reviews of books but have been frustrated in trying to get them published in relevant media where they live. Principal media worried about publishing a review in a politically or socio-economically sensitive jurisdiction are not generally internationally held responsible or accountable for having links to websites and merely publishing the contents of a particular link. Please also note neither this webpage nor our Bermuda Online sell books. Nor do we have any further information on any of the items shown below beyond what is shown.

Books not sent or not notified to this author may either not be listed at all or may be limited to just the the briefest listing of name and titles. Captain Nathaniel Butler. Archie and Clara Hallett. Lorene Phillips, a senior Bermudian reinsurance underwriter passionate about helping others to thrive in the workplace. Mrs Phillips has another book planned, about parenting. By Bermudian Rodney Smith. Details his experiences cutting lawns for seniors and the disabled across the United States. Through the book, Mr Smith said he hopes to teach young people about the joy of giving back through community service.

Randolf Williams. Carter, Margaret. US author Jay Winik.

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Includes significant references to Bermuda and its role in the dark years of the Second World War. Bermuda was conveniently removed from the press and the humanitarian groups pushing for the attack on the camps to take higher priority. The delegates stayed for 12 days at Horizons, but the talks faltered.

John Pearson. It claimed Commander Bond really did exist but was written up as fiction to deceive his enemies. It stated he was based at Bermuda's Hamilton Princess Hotel where he occupied a private suite belonging to his chief, Sir William Stephenson. In Bermuda, tourists at the hotel helped to spread rumors galore about the book, for example that in the hotel's Gazebo Bar the wall of giant fish tank was the model for the attempted death of Bond by Dr. No's sharks. They wanted to see a gold plated Cadillac in which Bond glided. New York.

With much on Bermuda. The books detail paths to success both at home and at work. A Bermuda Garden of Song. Bessie Gray. A book of poetry about Bermuda. David R Pitts, published by Mimeo, May , 58pp.

A Berth to Bermuda. John Rousmaniere. Mystic Seaport: Cruising Club of America. The oldest regularly scheduled ocean race began in with the-then radical idea of amateur sailors racing normal boats in the ocean. A Bird watching Guide to Bermuda. By avid bird watcher Bermudian Andrew Dobson. Many others find their way here in winter. Best areas for birding, by parish.

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Hobson Woodward, Viking, Focuses on William Strachey, an English writer whose works are among the primary sources for the early history of the English colonization of North America, and the shipwreck of the Sea Venture on the uninhabited island of Bermuda. The survivors eventually reached Virginia after building two small ships during the ten months they spent on the island.

A Carto-Bibliography for Bermuda, Bermudian author Jonathan Land Evans. It sets out, chronologically and in schematic detail including their publishing history and indicative rarity ratings , all of the old printed maps of Bermuda known to the author.

Variously privately published in micro-editions, and , chiefly for libraries, not available for purchase. A Century of Passenger Liners to Bermuda. Piers Plowman and marine artist Stephen Card. Book traces their history. A Century of Service. A Story of Cable and Wireless including its Bermuda operation. A Colony at War. Bermuda in the global fight against fascism, First published December 4, with pages, now in a revised edition with new material.

A wide-ranging study of the small but importantly-situated British colony of Bermuda during the Second World War. Includes references to and descriptions of the Battle of the Atlantic fought by the Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy and US Navy and their Bermuda bases, the creation of the US naval and military bases, the important Imperial Censorship station, and numerous practical issues that confronted British, Bermudian and American officials in this British Atlantic colony the oldest, smallest but most affluent of the British Overseas Territories as they sought to survive and win the war against Hitler's Germany.

Eugene Sheel. Report, not book. It went into huge detail, complete with drawings and sketches on the state of what had once been the magnificent Mel Ayton. Author recounts this event, one of the very few assassinations in any British territory. It compromised Bermuda tourism for many years.

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  • The Crimsoned Hills of Onondaga: Romantic Antiquarians and the Euro-American Invention of Native American Prehistory, Student Editon!
  • Waltzing at the Window.

Account of Life on the Prison Hulks. By William Sydes who was a British convict at Dockyard. A Discovery of the Bermudas. A Cruise to the Somers Isles. Article, 21st March Harper's Weekly. A Dark Iris. Liz Jones. A finalist in Code Burt Award, a Caribbean competition for young adult literature.