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French Country. Type see all. Hanging Signs. Wall Plaques. Address Plaques. Color see all. Theme see all. Brand see all. Gisela Graham.

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Item Location see all. Delivery Options see all. Free Shipping. Free In-store Pickup. Show only see all. More refinements More refinements In the 16th century, characteristic painted wings or winged claws began to appear on cavalry shields. Other possibilities included the wings being made to defend the backs of the men against swords and lassos, or that they were worn to make their own horses deaf to the wooden noise-makers used by the Ottoman and the Crimean Tatars.

He took off the leather and wooden saddle, unbuckling the wing straps, and untied the cinch, then rubbed down the back of the pegasus between its wings. The animal squirmed under his hands; half impatient, half relishing the attention. Then he pulled off his flight vest and unbuttoned the collar of his shirt. While Apel drank deeply from the trough beside him, Rorek dunked his head in the cold water. December 25th. Hanji had organized a surprise party for him with the help of his squad.

Everyone of his closest friends and comrades got in a row and showed him their present: Petra gave him a vanilla scented candle and a scarf, Hanji a broom, Eren, Mikasa and Armin a new tea set etc etc.

Why was I sent here?

After the party had ended and everyone had gone to sleep, he stepped into his room with tired eyes: he desperately needed tea to stay awake and sign a pile of documents. As soon as he opened the door, a delicious smell reached his nose: early gray tea.

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  • The new cup had been placed on his desk by someone who heard him complaining about the shortage of tea. The drink was still hot, as if it had just been made. A ticket was found under the cup. Levi immediately recognized the gorgeous calligraphy:. Levi did as written, bringing the cup with him. The hallways were empty and every step he took echoed in the silence. He stopped before a large wooden door with the wings of freedom craved in the center.

    When he opened it, a familiar scent of white musk welcomed him: Erwin was sitting at his desk, watching the snow falling outside the window, while the flame of the chimney created lively shadows on his face. Levi took his jacket off and sat in front of him, trying to guess what he was thinking.

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    I hope you enjoyed the party, Hanji, Petra and Nanaba put a lot of effort into the decorations and the cake. For Levi, there was no better way to celebrate his birthday than staying alone with his beloved commander drinking some hot tea. After a few minutes, they found themselves holding hands across the desk. Eventually, as the light of dawn made its way through the night, Levi joined Erwin in his bed. Originally posted by andjustforthismoment.

    Felicity stands on the edge of the building.

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    The night air is cold and you can see her breath huffing out like smoke when she exhales. She stands frozen on the edge of the ledge watching the Arrow as he bobs and weaves, landing punches and letting arrows fly. The goons advance on him and he runs toward her, a rappelling arrow sailing from his bow. He grabs her around the waist hauling her flush against his body.

    She can feel every inch of muscle as she looks into his eyes, shrouded in black makeup. Suddenly we are not on a rooftop, but in the Arrow lair. Felicity sits at her computer her arm propped on the table, her cheek resting against her hand, eyes unfocused as she daydreams staring in the direction of the Wing Chun wooden dummy as Oliver, shirtless and sweaty, punches furiously.

    He pauses mid punch without turning…. Oliver turns to look at her, hearing his name. Felicity snaps to awareness, her cheek slipping off her hand, her head whipping up, suddenly realizing where she is. Out loud? Noj Nor. World People. Purple Hexagon Records. Insane Creatures , Antonymous , Metrix. Bom Shanka Music. Samaa Records. Southwild , Bobblehead. Wildthings Records. Tidal Original Mix. Zyce , Sonic Entity. Vertical Mode. Symbolizes Original Mix.

    Sonic Sense , One Function.