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Viewing the Biological World with X-rays and Magnetic Fields - Part 2

The term "NMR Crystallography" has only recently come into common usage, and even now causes raised eyebrows within some parts of the diffraction community. The power of solid-state NMR to give crystallographic information has considerably increased since the CPMAS suite of techniques was introduced in In the first years of the 21st century, the ability of NMR to provide information to support and facilitate the analysis of single-crystal and powder diffraction patterns has become widely accepted.

Indeed, NMR can now be used to refine diffraction results and, in favorable cases, to solve crystal structures with minimal or even no diffraction data.

Wasylishen, Roderick E.

The increasing ability to relate chemical shifts including the tensor components to the crystallographic location of relevant atoms in the unit cell via computational methods has added significantly to the practice of NMR crystallography. Diffraction experts will increasingly welcome NMR as an allied technique in their structural analyses. Volume Preface. Part A: Introduction.

Encyclopedia of NMR

Chandra Shekar, Alexej Jerschow. Yates, Chris J. Part B: Chemical Shifts.

Facelli, Anita M. Harris, Paul Hodgkinson, Chris J. Pickard, Jonathan R. Yates, Vadim Zorin. Orendt, Julio C.

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Part C: Coupling Interactions. Ashbrook, Stephen Wimperis. Harris, Mingcan Xu. Part E: Properties of the Crystalline State. Cahill, Gillian R. Jeffrey, Glenn H.

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Review Text "In summing up my book review, I would again quoteProfessor Harris from reference 2 : 'Perhaps now is the timeto consider constituting a division of NMR crystallography withinthe International Union of Crystallography. Certainly a formal orsemi-formal link with the solid-state NMR community isdesirable'. Forearmed with this book, I would support thatproposal. This book, I would also conclude, should be in thelibrary of crystallographic laboratories, across all thedisciplines.

Review quote "In summing up my book review, I would again quote Professor Harris from reference 2 : 'Perhaps now is the time to consider constituting a division of NMR crystallography within the International Union of Crystallography.

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