Papercutting Through the Year: 275 Patterns for Holidays and Seasonal Celebrations

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We love children and want to please them. When your children are young, toys tend to fall around them like rain. When the girls had birthday parties every guest brought a present and sometimes my daughters lost interest before opening them all. A couple of times a year we shoveled out the old toys because new toys were surely coming.

One thing I know, there's no shortage of toys at the dump. One of my favorite toys of all time was a World War II ranging sight that my father gave me. I could set in on the windowsill in my bedroom and pretend I was an artillery officer or a submarine commander.

In the morning, I targeted the commuters in fedoras walking to the train station. I still have the slingshot I made myself out of a hickory crook. I have a metal truck I got when I was about two years old, and a couple of beautiful little s-style racing cars. They appeal to me as much today as the day I got them. I have a handful of lead soldiers I managed not to break. They live on in my imagination, and on the shelf over my desk. You might not be able to find the Disney Doc whatever this year, but there's no shortage of toys in the world.

If you have trouble buying toys for your kids, just go to the closet or the basement and re-wrap what you gave them last year. They won't notice. They'll be more interested in the wrapping and the box than what's inside. Search News Search web. Brian Rooney. What to Read Next. Yahoo Finance. Hamilton and Tyler also collaborated on "Uncle Salty," with Tyler recalling in his autobiography, "Here I was thinking about an orphanage when I wrote those lyrics.

I'd try to make the melody weep from the sadness felt when a child is abandoned. I just started singing and it fit like chocolate and peanut butter.

New Jersey Medicaid ICD-10 Update

Joe plays his ass off on that song. Perhaps the most ambitious recording on the album is "You See Me Crying," a complex piano ballad that was heavily orchestrated. Jack Douglas brought in a symphony orchestra for the song, which was conducted by Mike Mainieri. The song itself was written by Tyler and outside collaborator Don Solomon.

Some of the band members became frustrated with the song, which took a long time to complete, due to the many complex drum and guitar parts. The band's label, Columbia Records , was nonetheless very impressed with the song and the recording process. Bruce Lundvall , then-president of Columbia Records walked in on the recording sessions for Toys in the Attic when the band was working on the song and remarked: "You guys got an incredible thing going here. I just came from a Herbie Hancock session and this is much more fun.

Tyler, who was suffering memory loss at the time from years of drug use, liked "You See Me Crying" so much, he suggested his group record a cover version, only to be told by his bandmate Perry, "It's us , fuckhead. Demento 's radio show on KMET. Rather than produce a rock reimagining, Aerosmith's cover largely stays true to the original song, down to its jazz-style instrumentation.

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Requires health benefits coverage for synchronization of prescribed medications under certain circumstances. Requires certain health benefits plans to provide treatment for behavioral health care services when determined medically necessary.

Requires Medicaid managed care organizations to meet certain conditions prior to reducing reimbursement rates for personal care assistant services and home-based supportive care services. Requires sober living homes and other substance abuse aftercare treatment facilities to provide certain notifications to next-of-kin when patient is released from care; designated as "Nick Rohdes' Law. Directs certain four-year public institutions of higher education to establish substance abuse recovery housing program.

Establishes certain minimum and maximum temperatures in emergency shelters, rooming and boarding houses, and certain nursing homes and residential health care facilities. Clarifies DHS authority to regulate sober living homes and halfway houses as residential substance abuse aftercare facilities; requires background checks and other protections for residents of residential substance abuse facilities.

Clarifies that definition of mental illness in law governing involuntary commitment to treatment includes substance use disorder if dangerous standard met. Extends "Overdose Prevention Act" immunity provisions to certain professionals and professional entities, and permits needle exchange programs to obtain standing order for opioid antidote dispensation. Requires Division of Consumer Affairs to publish list of certain tamper-resistant opioid drugs; establishes that certain conditions be met for pharmacist to substitute for tamper-resistant opioid drug.

Requires development and maintenance of database to advise public about open bed availability in residential substance use disorders treatment facilities. Requires institutions of higher education to provide students with access to mental health care programs and services and to establish a hotline to provide information concerning the availability of those services.

Codifies "Project Medicine Drop" program; requires Division of Consumer Affairs to maintain secure prescription medicine drop-off receptacles at certain law enforcement agencies. Establishes minimum registered professional nurse staffing standards for hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities and certain DHS facilities. Extends "Overdose Prevention Act" immunity provisions to certain professionals and professional entities, and permits needle exchange programs to obtain standing order for opioid antidote.

Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. Congressman Pallone to Receive the Federal Champion for Health Care Award "Congressman Pallone has contributed tremendously to the mental health and substance use disorder field and the individuals who receive these invaluable services," said Debra L. He was instrumental in the creation of the Affordable Care Act, which he is fighting to preserve to help ensure that all Americans can receive health insurance and have access to healthcare services.

He also led negotiations among Democratic Representatives on the 21st Century Cures Act, which provides substantial funding for research on brain disorders and development of treatments, as well as funding to address the opioid abuse crisis.

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In addition, Sen. Vitale is the primary sponsor of the Mental Health Access Act S , which calls for increased Medicaid reimbursement rates for behavioral health counseling services that are included in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices or meet other criteria determined by the state Commissioners of the Department of Human Services and Department of Children and Families. He has always been supportive of the behavioral health field and an advocate for securing resources to ensure that people receive the services they need," Dr.

Greenwald's most recent contribution was to fighting the opioid epidemic with the introduction of legislation A that prohibits prior authorization requirements for prescriptions of methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone and other approved medications that treat substance use disorders. This legislation would not only establish in statute the recent Medicaid change to prohibit such pre-authorizations, but would also cover uninsured individuals whose services are supported with state funding.

Greenwald is also a sponsor of A, which requires Medicaid coverage of professional violence prevention counseling services, and A, which establishes the Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program Initiative in the Department of Health. Attendance at the Courage and Compassion Awards Reception is included in the registration fee for the first day of the conference April 15th and registration for the awards reception is also available separately.

October 22, - Since OxyContin was approved for children as young as 11 years old by the Food and Drug Administration FDA , there has been widespread debate about the narcotic painkiller, particularly due to the spiking rates of prescription opioid abuse throughout the nation. It was approved by the FDA in August, but two months later, criticism is still outpouring from many communities. Within this year's proclamation, he stated, "We come together to acknowledge the role every person can play in preventing substance abuse and recommit to fostering a culture where all our people can live up to their fullest potential.

Now is a critical time for everyone to promote safe and healthy communities that are free from substance abuse for the success of our future generations," said Debra Wentz, CEO of the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies, Inc.

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It can range from having a conversation about the responsibilities expected from children when taking prescription medication to raising awareness about substance abuse in the community at a school board meeting. The theme of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month this year is "Unleashing the Collective Power of Communities," and it emphasizes that community members have a responsibility to help foster environments without substance abuse. On the White House's Prevention Month webpage, there is a video of Michael Botticelli, Director of National Drug Control Policy, who is the first person in substance-abuse recovery to hold this position, addressing viewers stating, "Consistent prevention messaging and education can help youth make healthy choices and stay above the influence," which is crucial in preventing substance abuse before it becomes a possibility.

OxyContin prescriptions for certain children have already been permitted, and in order to prevent them from contributing to increasing opioid abuse rates, the community must collaborate to help youth stay on the right path that leads away from substance abuse. By educating each other about the proper ways to use prescription medication, the consequences of opioid abuse and the support systems in place to help those in need, community members can help curtail substance abuse among youth in their communities.

Papercutting Pattern Book: 275 Original Designs

NJAMHAA has developed these services to provide our members with quick and easy access to the information and solutions they need:. Accordingly, HHS expects to release an interim final rule in the near future that will include a new compliance date that would require the use of ICD beginning October 1, All claims with service dates September 30, or earlier must use ICD-9 codes.

For additional information, please contact Robert Brookwell Robert.