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Get Microsoft Publisher, print off some flyers and put them up in local shop windows and drop them in letterboxes nearby. The costs are minimal, just your cleaning supplies and the ink for your printer. Easy to scale too. Go to big apartment blocks and flyer them. Same as above, although a little more expensive as decent carpet cleaning equipment can be pricey, but with that comes a higher barrier to entry so you can charge more.

You get the gist now, print flyers and target your local community. Pretty awesome job if you ask me, get paid to hang out in a mansion while the owners are on holiday… a fully stocked fridge and a king-size bed, happy days! As for how to go about marketing a local business , see all the above. If you love cooking and can handle catering for the masses, a catering company could be an excellent idea. You can work from home and start small catering for buffets with sandwiches and the such, then scale up to hog roasts. Be careful with this one and make sure you have all the required licenses like a food hygiene certificate.

Basically catering without the masses. The perfect business for stay at home parents. You can become a registered childminder, or even open a day care centre. Take everything I said for a cleaning company, change the designs, job done. You may also need some form of business insurance. The great thing about gardening is the results speak for themselves, start working for a neighbour and work your way up to an empire.

For those of you with an eye for killer interior design. House staging is setting up a house to maximise its appeal to potential buyers. Basically childminding see above but with less paperwork.

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Get paid to walk, cuddle, feed and play with puppies all day — other animals are available. Market your services through social media, local advertising flyers, letterbox drops, etc. My other half has three dogs and every month or so they go off to get a haircut and a freshen up. Advertise on services like Gumtree and approach local pet shops and partner with them — offer them a fee for each successful referral. Create your own store on Shopify and market through social media.

11 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Tomorrow

Believe it or not, people run businesses based around picking up dog poop. Most owners just let their pets do the business in the back yard and somebody has to clean it up. Everybody that does pretty much any of these companies will need an accountant. From filing payroll to submitting annual tax returns through accounting software , your skills are very much in demand.

Very similar to an accountant but a little broader. Market through a blog and talk about things like best practices, money management, etc. Advise and support businesses in all aspects of their business. This is a very broad idea and covers SEO consultants to management consultants. Your experience will speak for you and your network will help you gain clients.

Why not do some freelance work on the side, or even set up your own law practice. Some people just love teaching, they really enjoy helping others learn. The tutoring industry is massive and there are apps like Tutorme can help you monetise your skills on a one-off basis. It offers a stable base of students from all over the world, secure payments and constant customer care. Plus, you set your own hourly rate and can change it at any time! As the world becomes more and more technology focused, some people struggle to keep up, and inevitably things break.

To kick things off, you can use services like PeoplePerHour to get quick well-paid work. Use things like Upwork to find clients. You can also use oDesk for this. Your reading speed will be a factor in winning customers, as will your attention to detail. Recruitment companies like Graduate-Fasttrack offer a commission if you refer them somebody, who then gets a job. Once you build up a reputation and client base for yourself, it could easily turn into a full-time endeavor for you. Yoga is getting ever more popular, which means yoga instructors are more in demand than ever.

Pursue emotional and physical balance with others, during your free time while helping your bank balance, too. If your mastery of another language is good enough to have the grammar and spelling down, translating is a great side business to set up for yourself and can be done remotely. Live in a destination where travelers frequently visit?

If you love meeting new people from around the world and also love the city you live in, starting your own local tour business will give you both of those perks.

2. Small business consultant

Do you play a musical instrument well enough to teach it to others? Graphic Design. Web Design. Web Development. Tax Preparation.

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Commission-Only Sales. Online Courses. Instagram Marketing. Online Coaching. Amazon Reselling. Local Business Consulting. Phone Case Business. Affiliate Sales and Marketing. Virtual Assistant. SAT Tutor. Social Media Manager. Presentation Design Consultant. Travel Consultant. Landing Page Specialist. Interior Design Consultant. Property Manager. Etsy Selling. Affiliate marketing is the art of harnessing online traffic and redirecting towards a certain platform or product and making a commission every time someone buys that product or from that platform using your affiliate link.

It is very much like being a digital salesman, only you do not have to get horrid body aches as you walk from door to door. Imagine the kind of potential for income this business has. There is a lot of money to be made out there, and all you have to do is find a way to redirect traffic.

Of course, if you want to go professional, which is advisable, you are going to have to pay a designer and content creators who could increase your overhead expenditure a bit. All in all, you could start a blog today and get well underway to making money passively in the future. As an SEO expert Search Engine Optimization , your primary job will be to help websites rank higher on search engine results pages.

SEO is one of the most critical factors that affect web traffic. That is millions and millions of potential clicks lost just because websites have not hired an SEO expert. Most webmasters know this, and some try to carry out SEO on their own. But to be honest, the kind of patience and technicalities involved with proper search engine optimization is either beyond most people or requires too much work and time.

Profitable Online Business Ideas

To start this kind of business, you will not need that much money. In fact, all you would need to do is create a website that advertises your business. Your website needs to be professionally done if anyone is to take you seriously. It also needs to rank well on Google because you cannot say that you will help them rank highly while your own website is languishing in the dark corners of the internet. You will also need to actually know a thing or two about SEO.

Top 10 Best Online Business Ideas to Start a Small Business

This line of work applies to those who are interested in learning new and diverse things online. However, to make money as an internet research assistant , you need to carve out a highly specific niche — one that is willing to pay you to find out information that cannot be easily found by a simple Google search. Notable examples of the kind of services you could offer include things like:. Some people will be more than willing to pay you to find out everything about them online.

This is particularly true if they are interested in cleaning up their brand image because they either want to run for public office or are quickly becoming a prominent member of the society.

67 Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Start Today

It is just a matter of finding what people are willing to pay for, finding where they go online to find those services, and offering them your research skills for a fee. While there are still about a dozen Blockbuster stores left open, these are expected to close down as digital media streaming takes over the market. The fact that those 12 stores survived this long at all is a testament to the fact that there still is a fraction of the population that still loves VHS and are willing to rent their movies from a store like they used to in the good old days.

Indeed, many homes still have a lot of cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and camera film in storage. These media hold valuable memories that the family members would love to preserve despite the changing times.