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I will never forget the joy we all felt seeing this for the first time. Unbeknown to us, you had a heart murmur, and after only 18 months of having you in our lives we were given the heart breaking news this had developed to an enlarged heart and that nothing could be done apart from keeping you comfortable on meds. They told us we would only have you for months more. The tears we shed that day were as if we had lost you.

We were lucky though, you made it to 15 months, and every single day with you was a blessing. Every member of our family loved you dearly. Granny, Granddad, mum Susan , dad Brian , and Eilidh — your best friend in the world who you idolised and followed everywhere. Not forgetting your little brother Gizmo, who is a lost soul now you are gone. The day you passed was the worst day of our lives. And leaving you with the vet alone, without us, felt so wrong. She allowed me to bring you home again so that you can be with us all once more. Without her, I would be wondering still, where you are, and who is looking after you in our absence.

She gave you back to us. When it was your time to go I held your face with my left hand and clapped your head with my right. We had constant eye contact while I told you how much I love you and would miss you. We were so close, you were so special to me and all the family. When jay said goodbye to you he was crying and you knew he was sad and you gave him kisses all over his face. You took a part of my heart with you, I had you since you were 9 weeks old until you had to leave us when you were 10 years old.

I gave you all of my heart, but when you left you tore it apart, I gave you all the love that I had. I still want you by my side, just to help me dry the tears that I cry. I miss you sleeping under the covers with me every night, keeping me warm. You were always there to protect me, you always made me feel safe and secure, you will always be here with me in my heart. I wanted to grow old with you, I want to be looking in your eyes, I want to be here with you sharing everything with you.

Ma baby girl everywhere in the house I look, I see you, hear you, feel you. I hope I did best for you, and you had a blast while with us. Rhoda Thank you so much for all your help and putting my mind at rest from start to finish I wish you could have met her in a different way you would of loved her.

My little baby Princess Butters. She will always be in our hearts! Such a small precious life. I hope she has found happiness living with us and that she knew how much she was loved. Rest in peace darling. Lots of love Mummy and Daddy Harriet and Adam. No words I write can ever say How much we miss you every day. We think of you in silence We often speak your name But all we have are memories And photos in a frame.

Rhoda, would just like to thank you for the service you provide. You are a wonderful lady and we are also very impressed by your obvious commitment to animals. Our Beautiful Brandy Girl, 11 and a half and had so much more life ahead of her. Our baby girl had an aggressive mass on her heart and splean. Everything happened so fast… Earlier on in the month you had been yourself and suddenly on the 15th March you became very ill very quickly. After everything you went through that day and after being taking to the vets who saved you, after your heart stopped and you where strong enough to come back to us we thought you where going to be okay.

But in the end after some tests we had to make the hardest decision to let you go. We did and went through so much together.

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You were such a BIG part of our family! We knew the day for losing you was getting closer as you where getting older but nothing prepares you for this excruciating pain and how fast it all happened that day. Mummy and Daddy are just so thankful we got to be by your side right to the very end and got the time and chance to say goodbye. Bella,Misty,Leo and Mitzy are all looking around the house for you wondering where you are. They are missing their big sister.

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Thank you Rhoda for your kind support and understanding. We are just so grateful to know our Shadow and now our Beautiful Brandy where both looked after by your caring hands to get back to us. My wee munchkin, missing your cute little face and your prickly cuddles. I wish you had been able to stay with me longer but I had a wonderful 3 years with you.

I hope you are having fun now with all the other spikey angels. Despite being diagnosed with severe heart problems, they told us you would probably only have 6 months, you kept on going for 6 long years. But I know you must have been.

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So small…. Rest easy with your sister Jessie now little one. We love you. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice when Lucy passed away on 17th Jan. Thanks to you, I got to take my wee girl home the same day she passed and spent some last moments with her. If I had not found you we would still be waiting on her ashes and would never have known if they were her or not. You were very prompt and fitted us in straight away and we appreciate that so much.

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Joanna and Lukasz. Sadly, our wee Molly took ill suddenly and it was a terrible shock to all the family when we had to have her put to sleep. You gave us time to be with Molly to say our goodbyes; you were interested in her life and what she meant to us; and you explained what was going to happen in a way that gave us confidence that this was the right decision for us.

Within a few hours we had Molly home again, which was a great comfort to all of us. She will be greatly missed by myself and her other little degu friends. Thank you so much for your help. Thanks for your help today Rhoda, you provide an excellent and thoughtful service. Thought I would share a couple of pictures of my favourite wee man Werner for the condolence book.

He was always the happiest and friendliest little thing and my life will never be the same without him.

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Rest in peace little man. Werner — Firstly I would like to thank you again for your expertise in helping with the sudden passing of Ben. Its always a hard decision what to do with your family pet especially as during their lives they become a family member and a companion. I knew from our first phone call conversation that you are an animal lover which ensured me that when that day came along that Ben would be in good hands. Ben joined our family in March My Mother worked in a local pub and heard of a Labrador x Collie looking to be re-homed. I remember the first time I seen him he was 9 months old at the time a young, excitable but timid boy.

He was my pride and joy I began to take him everywhere with me and soon trained him to be very intelligent and obedient. Most of his life, he needed no lead, he would be by my side like a shadow, performed tricks with ease depending on his mood. When I look back he seemed to just know when I was down and would come over to comfort me. He was a very well known boy as I took him with me to a bar where I worked everyday.

He always loved being out even in the car I took him many places he even come on holiday with me and my partner, I had to make sure the hotel we were staying at would accommodate dogs. Nearing the end we first had a scare when Ben had an episode of drooling and not being able to walk as he was 16 the vet wasted no time in saying that it was time. But I was unsure and unprepared to put Ben to sleep at the time and took him home for 24hrs to see how he would be. I slept with Ben in the living room that night only to wake up during the night to shockingly find him fit as a fiddle walking about. Guest Review Guidelines

The day my partner called me when Ben had taken a seizure I had to make the tough decision that his condition was only going to get worse, I still regret making the decision to this day but I could tell as looked into his eyes kissed and cuddled him as he went to sleep that he had enough. One true friend you were to me, In my heart you will always be. In our town you were known by all, By my side at every call. Through all the times bad and good, It was almost like you understood.

Now in my life lies and empty space, My best friend I cant replace. We lost our Mum and many a friend, Was like the world had come to end. But we stood strong and pulled right through, Just like we always do. My dog Robbie was cremated today and I would just like to thank you for all you did it was a real comfort to us to know he was in good hands. Here is a photo of Robbie with the grandbairns he loved them like his own.

We would like to thank you for the kind support, understanding you showed us and for caring for Maddie on her final journey.