Women and the New Business Leadership

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Hear the latest research from distinguished scholars on the challenges and opportunities faced by women, as well as from female executives on their own paths to leadership in the industry.

This is Why the Business World Needs More Women Leaders

Share your own successes and challenges in interactive workshops and intimate conversations, and leave with actionable strategies to support women's leadership within your firm and across the technology sector. Welcome Agenda Speakers F.

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It's an excellent list but I noticed the lack of women authors and I commented on that, which led to a long stream of recommendations. In my domain of business, strategy, and leadership I've also noticed a gap in women authors and I thought it was worthwhile to compile a list that was not books targeted at women but books about strategy and leadership that happen to be written by women. There is some cross-over; obviously, the experience of being a woman in leadership today provides an experience worth discussing, but that is not the predominant focus of this list.

So here you are: 60 about strategy and leadership, written by women and listed in no particular order so as not to overemphasize any one of them. Additionally, mentors must help future women executives and business leaders establish and meet quantifiable goals with definitive timelines. This kind of mentorship requires vision, strategy and the desire and ability not only to meet, but to exceed current diversity efforts.

Gender balance good for profits

Still, the desire for a better future is not enough. The United States business landscape needs sincere mentors for women executives who also know how to make that desire a reality. Millennials are the most educated group of women in history.

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Organizations that are working toward gender diversity and inclusion must understand Millennials to make a difference in the corporate landscape. Corporate mentors can help women executives and entrepreneurs establish and work toward their goals. However, these talented professionals also need businesses and employers who will onboard women leaders and make increased gender diversity and inclusion among United States enterprises a reality. With fair and focused effort, the business leaders of today can work toward creating a brighter and more promising tomorrow. Image via Pexels.

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  • This is Why the Business World Needs More Women Leaders.
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Leave this field empty. The Rise of Women Leadership in Business Research shows there is a positive relation between female corporate leadership and positive organizational performance. Equality and Diversity Adds Value to the Marketplace Studies show that enterprises with a strong female leadership presence outperform their non-inclusive peers by nearly 3-percent. Closing the Gender Divide Women are expanding their roles in business and entrepreneurship. About the Author: Ryan Ayers.

Key Steps Women Can Take to Be Strong Leaders

Ryan Ayers is a strategy and management consultant with over five years of experience in multiple industries including information technology, medical devices and logistics. Many clients call him the BizTech Guru. He is a freelance writer on the side and lover of all things related to business, technology, innovation and the LA Clippers.

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